Wimmer’s Table

Wimmer’s Table is a list of deep sky objects for small telescopes and binoculars.

The list was created by Aleksaner Cieśla. He gave much effort to create such a set. He grouped the objects in many categories like a type of object, its constellation, magnitudo or the difficulty of finding it on the sky. Although the list is great, it originally came up in pdf format. Therefor sometimes it may happen to miss some interesting objects. So I decided to write a web application, which lets filter all the objects in many different ways. With a great help of more advanced astro amateurs we crafted this:

Wimmer's Table online version

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    • Fakt, przydałaby się taka wersja, ale główną zawartością są grafiki, a je ciężko przerobić na czytelną wersję nocną. Może kiedyś…

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